- weekly art journal prompts - 


Starting Monday,
January 4th, 2021




Questions and Answers



Q    Do I have to make an art journal for #52weeksartjournal ?
A     No, not at all. You can use any kind of art journal.



Q    I would like to make an Art Journal like you.

A    I am using an old book cover that has been altered.

Please check out my Gypsy Soul Art Journal Project  ( a free mini tutorial ) 

  you can sign up here for the Gypsy Soul Art Journal Project    



Q    When does it start?
A     It starts on Monday, January 4th 2021



Q    Can I jump in at any time?

A     Yes, of course! 



Q    I don't have the time to journal on a regular basis

A    No worries... you do it when you have the time, at your own pace.

You do not have to do this each and every week.
Take your time and jump in ( or out ) whenever YOU want to.


 i t ' s  a l l   a b o u t  
your creative process  i n  2 0 2 1 

-  taking time-out for you and your creativity, whenever needed -



Q    How does it work?
A    I will be sharing a weekly prompt to ignite your creativity each Monday until the end of the year.

You can follow your own creative flow with each prompt.




Q    Where can I find the daily prompts? 
A     I will share weekly prompts every Monday on

I n s t a g r a m - in my Stories and in the Highlight "52 prompts"

Each prompt will also be added to the prompt list here on my website 




Q    Where can I share what I make?
A     Please share on Instagram.

 post your journal page
      and please use

# 5 2 w e e k s a r t j o u r n a l




Q    I don't have an Instagram account (or you might not want to post on IG). Can I still play along?
A     Yes! I encourage you to just take some time out for yourself. No posting necessary.

 You can see what others create on Instagram here


Q    Will #52weeksartjornal be available in 2022?

A     Yes and no.I will not be hosting this on a weekly basis as in 2021 - but you can play along by using 
        the prompts from 2021. Even if you have done this, I'm sure that your ideas and pages will be

        different than the year before!



Q    What do I do, when I have a question?
A     Feel free to either direct message me on Instagram or write a mail - atelier@raspberrybluesky.com