- weekly art journal prompts - 


This was originally a weekly invitation to create in 2021
Please feel free to use the prompts in 2023!




Questions and Answers



Q    Do I have to make an art journal for #52weeksartjournal ?
A     No, not at all. You can use any kind of art journal.



Q    When does it start?
A    You can start anywhere at any time



Q    I don't have the time to journal on a regular basis

A    No worries... you do it when you have the time, at your own pace.

You do not have to do this each and every week.
Take your time and jump in ( or out ) whenever YOU want to.


 i t ' s  a l l   a b o u t  
your creative process 

-  taking time-out for you and your creativity, whenever needed -




Q    Where can I share what I make?
A     Please share on Instagram.

 post your journal page
      and please use

# 5 2 w e e k s a r t j o u r n a l




Q    I don't have an Instagram account (or you might not want to post on IG). Can I still play along?
A     Yes! I encourage you to just take some time out for yourself. No posting necessary.

 You can see what others create on Instagram here



Q    What do I do, when I have a question?
A     Feel free to either direct message me on Instagram or write a mail - atelier@raspberrybluesky.com