Join Orly Avineri at the lake

Practices of mixed media art making cultivate insight into the nature of the creative process and its multiple relations to emotional stories of loss and mend. Enriched by self trust and acceptance, images, photos, paper, paint, words, pen, line, thread, and many unconventional tools and materials entwine to make expressive, complex and extremely personal creations. It's all about one's willingness to reveal vulnerability and rawness for the sake of true creative freedom, newness, and a deep sense of interconnectedness to all. Experiencing honest and joyous journeys takes precedence over producing beautiful outcomes. Ultimately, this process is about depicting the fluidity of life, about effortlessly carrying one's self from one place to another and about connecting to a larger world than our own.
Dresses. Again and always.
Containers of free spiritedness. 
Expressions of abundant figure and shape. 
Reflections of true voice. 
Samples of animated exuberance. 
Projections of earned self-possession.
Witnesses of joy, light, and lightness. 
Testaments of mood and humor. 
Musings of unabashed sensuality. 
Symbols of self love and ownership.
Patterns of tangible and robust rhythm.
Evidence of my ever-changing life dances and darefull tactile movements.
In DRESSES, we will explore the ever changing relationship we have to dresses. We will create them, leave them be, or incorporate them into our favorite substrate. 
All roads lead to the same point, to the communication of who we are”—Pablo Neruda 



Join Orly at the lake

April 27th - April 30th 2020

where you can enjoy the laid back Bavarian way of life
and the serenity of the Ammersee
- please plan your arrival on April 26th-

The price of this intimate 4 day workshop is € 950 which includes...


a meet-and-greet evening dinner on April 26th - please plan your arrival accordingly

all beverages, fruit, snacks and a small 2 course lunch during our workshop hours


Price does not include:      Travel expenses, your accommodations, art material.



The „Jolle“ in Utting am Ammersee is our workshop location

We have cozy space, where we will gather during workshop hours.*

You will recieve a list of accommodation possibilities / areas if needed.

If you are not sure how to get there, Utting am Ammersee is approx. 50 km from Munich. You can travel by train, as there is a train station in Utting, which is just a short walk to our workshop area. If you happen to be flying, either Munich airport or also Memmingen Allgäu Airport might be a alternative for you. It’s a low budget airport serving WizzAir and RyanAir.



* Please note...  Should you have any disablities, please be aware that the our space is on the first floor, so therefore you have stairs to climb.

Please contact me at   a t e l i e r @ r a s p b e r r y b l u e s k y . c o m   if you need help or have any questions

Find out more about Orly and her work here: