W e l c o m e,  m y  f r i e n d ...

My name is Michelle

Creative bohemian gypsy soul by land, mermaid by sea.

F r e e l a n c e   A r t i s t  and  passionate  A r t   J o u r n a l e r


" I create, therefore I am. " 



Some fun facts about me...


  • In my journals I'll just about use anything- well everything, except the kitchen sink...  and I definitely love a creative mess!!
  • I'm totally into alternative book binding. 
  • I always listen to my heart. And it always leads me in the right direction. 

  • Although I don't have a single one in my home, I just love rugs!
  • My soul wanders. Meeting different people and cultures nourishes me. 


  • As a child each and every Friday evening was Kentucky Fried Chicken time!! My grandparents went to do their weekly grocery shopping and after that we all went for dinner... finger lickin' good!
  • Facebook just overwhelms me. I'm definitely an Insta gal. Yet I do need a social media detox every now and then!
  • The nearby lake Ammersee is my happy place { other than the studio } - and my muse.

And well, if you haven't already noticed... flowers are a true inspiration of mine!