M i c h e l l e    S c h r a t z
"I create, therefore I am." 

Hey there! I'm Michelle or MiSchra, depending on if you know me personally or "just" through my art & paintings.
Don't worry. I answer to both


I'm a painter, creator, lover of color { some say I'm a Color Sommelière },
and not to forget a passionate art journaler & tea bag seamstress.

My studio - RaspberryBlueSky - lies  on the outskirts of Munich. Nestled near Lake Ammer.
I'm a member of the local artist group Künstler-Stammtisch-Raisting & the Donnerstagsmaler in my home town.


And now proud member of the Where Woman Create Community


   "I'm a woman of many moods, and ALL are infused with art!"